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Saturday Words of Wisdom

Funny, yet profound quote from this morning…

#2 is watching The Three Stooges.  Curly says “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on succin’ til ya do succeed.”


Of course, we laughed cause Curly said it but I got to thinking…Curly was right.   Did they even say things “sucked” back in the 30’s?  When did that phrase originate?

Anyway, who woulda thought Curly was such a philospher?

FGF: Yodel-ay-heeeeeeee

I’m back to where I look forward to Fridays and it sho do feel good. I hope you feel good this Friday.

Humor me here…I LOVE this song.  I can’t help it.  It’s on my Ipod with the incomparable Mary Martin rendering it, but, alas…no You Tube video could I find of her singing it so  I suppose the adorable Lennon Sisters, though dressed ridiculously here, are just cuter than bugs in a rug and dang if them girls didn’t nail that harmony!

And while I was hunting down the Lonely Goatherd, oh my sweet precious Lord Jesus…I found this…

I about wet my pants laughing over this one. Mr. Welk called it a “modern spiritual.” Heh. It was spiritual, alright.

Gimme A G, A Bouncy G

It’s Friday so let’s get our Feel Good on, shall we?

Today’s entry is about 8 minutes long, however, if you don’t have 8 minutes, skip over to the 5:41 mark and just soak up the goodness of an audience member from Carol Burnett’s show singing (quite well). This is fo’ real entertainment.

A Plethora of Random Pontifications

The Countdown to 40 officially kicked off today and I can’t believe I had my camera and didn’t take a single picture.  My mind is going.

We are T minus 6 days and counting …..the festivities kicked off with lunch with my friends Tara, Kathy and Melissa. 

The Forty-Paloooza continues Saturday evening -there will be a harmonic convergance of the joint birthdays of me and my pal Scott.  (He’s gonna be but a young boy of 30 something and his day falls a couple days after mine) down on Broadway at the Big Bang so just bring yourself on down there.  I’ve never been there but I hear it’s fabulous.  7:00.

The Root Canaled tooth has healed well.  I had a couple of rather painful days post rootin’, but, it’s good now.

I was at the Guitar Lesson Place today and I was looking in a People magazine from December and how I missed this famous person obituary, I do not know…

My sleep patterns during this period of unemployment have been rather…irregular, and I often find myself SF36187watching Jeffersons reruns at 4 a.m. and Bentley just dang cracks me up.

I first remember Paul Benedict from Sesame Street though….

First Post of 2009

Nothing too heavy this first morning of 2009…random randmoness for ya:

Job hunt update…I did have a phone interview yesterday. Phone interviews are awkward. They just are. I hope I didn’t sound like a dork.

I had Korean food yesterday at Yong’s in Hendersonville.  I’m not the expert on Korean cuisine but my friend Tara is.  She is a Hawaii native and lived in Los Angaleeez for many years.  You can get lots of Korean there. 

 When she moved here, she happened to find Yong’s on Walton Ferry Rd. in Hendersonville.  She took me there about a year ago and dadgum…good stuff.  She makes the food fresh right there on a stove.  Ride out there and get you some.

Me and Cherry were supposed to go do something last night but dang if that Cherry got sickly. Probably a good thing though cause like my mother is so fond of saying…”Lotta drunks out on New Year’s Eve”.  Heh.

Me and Cherry spent the better part of New Year’s Eve looking on the Tennessean website at State employees salaries. As a former State employee, it’s kinda mindblowing and upsetting that anybody can look and see what anybody that works for the State makes. Why is it then, Cherry and I couldn’t tear ourselves away from it? Kinda like when I discovered that you can look up property values and see what your friends paid for their houses.

For somebody as nosy as me, junk like that is like porn.

I’m waching Leave It To Beaver this New Year’s morning.  I’m cracking up at Wally and The Beav.  Beaver introduces his brother to Miss Landers and says “May I present my brother, Wally.  He’s a sophomore in high school and he took a bath and stuff.” 

Larry, Gilbert and Whitey climb up in a tree to watch Beaver and Miss Landers while she’s having dinner at the Cleaver home .  Larry says “Look!  She has toes!”  Whitey says “Where?”  Larry says “Coming out of her shoes!  I’ve never seen a teacher eat before.”   

Beaver’s friend Gilbert reminds me of my longtime friend Dean Smith when he was a little boy.  (Dean’s Daddy is that hunka hunka Carl Smith and his mama was that hottie Goldie Hill). 

The resemblance between my friend and Beaver’s friend caused me to Google Gilbert and I found this interesting article that Stephen Talbot (who played Dean’s look alike) wrote for  Go read it. 

And we all thought Gilbert was just second banana to the Beav.  Who knew he came THIS close to being tried for espionage?  That he spent his life trying to hide his television identity and has now come to embrace that part of his life. (What I like to call “The Goober Syndrome.”)  AND to my absolute TV Geekette delight, Gilbert produces one of my favorite shows on PBS,  Frontline.  (I dvr this regularly cause it comes on in the middle of the night, usually)Hard to comprehend that like the article says, Wally and Beaver are American Icons, yet, don’t have much of any sort of cut from Beaver.  Something about that is very wrong.

I lurve the internets!

If They Don’t Edit Me Out…

I almost forgot about this, but, I’m gonna be on tv this week.  Yeah, yeah….my glamorous life has taken me straight to public televison.

I kid, but, I am kinda excited to see the WNPT special Memories of Opryland this Sunday.  Not just cause oprylandpreviewcoversmall-350wI’m in it (I dread seeing myself on tv…I bet I look and sound like a dork) but cause I loves me some Opryland and am STILL not over it not being there anymore.

I gave them some bits of home movies to use and a photo or two.  All of that came in the middle of when I was moving so I didn’t get them the photos I would’ve liked.  I had such a great time the day I went and did the interview.  Justin Harvey about had to shut me up.  The cameraman had to keep telling me to to not look at him and answer questions.  HA.  I’m so sophisticated.

A Gee’s Afghan Kinda Day

A coupla things in my head that are causing me to ask myself “Does this make me odd?”

I record CBS Sunday Morning every Sunday.  When I was a kid, I read the Sunday comics every week and the Sunday Showcase in the Tennessean.   I guess this takes the place of that?  I love that show.  I don’t know what it is that makes it different from all the other interview/magazine type of shows, but, it is one of the best things on tv, I think.

I love the cold weather.  Today…was perfect.  It just was.  Perfect Curl-Up-On-The-Couch-And-Watch-Tv-With-Gee’s Afghan she made me when I got married.  I love this weather.

Speaking of Gee….y’all who are praying people and y’all who are Vibe Senders/Happy Thought Thinkers, etc…throw one of those things out for Gee. 

“Gee” is actually Judi and I guess if I have something akin to a “Second Mother”, she would be it.  She’s waiting on some serious test results and I don’t want her to be afraid. Nor do I want her husband and kids, who are like family to me, to be afraid.  I don’t have words to express how much the Kirby Bunch means to me. 

I want Judi to be ok really bad.


This has just been the most laid back weekend I can remember having in ages.  Because Payday is not til Tuesday, that means I am broke, thus, I can’t go do anything wild and crazy.  Even so, I’m glad I’m in poverty the last few days.  I’ve been hanging around the house so much, I’m finding myself thinking “I need to go to work.”  Yikes.

I spent today going through photos.  I’m trying to find photographs of Opryland for this groovy documentary that Justin Harvey and his cronies over at WNPT are doing for an upcoming special, that I believe, is set to air in December.    Did I even tell y’all Justin interviewed me for that?   Well, he did and it was so much fun.  I coulda sat there all day talking about Opryland. 

Anyway, why is it, I know of umpteen photographs in the Collie Collection that exist of us at Opryland, (including me, my mom and Sandra on the Tram the first day the park opened), but, because I need them for something (and quickly) I can’t find them?  Why does this happen?

I did find CLC‘s birthday present from a year and a half ago though.  I ain’t telling what it is…he can tell it later oncest he gets it in his posession.  Two separate occasions I was going to give it to him, but, couldn’t find it.  I texted him and said “We need to hook up so I can give this to you before I lose it again.” 

I had found a bunch of slides for Justin and them.  This was before I moved…even put the Opryland ones (including my favorite one of my late Uncle Huey P. Duncan riding the Sky Ride and some other dandies…the day I went to interview with Justin, that plastic bag I put the slides in disappeared. I have looked high and low and those things have fallen off the face of the earth and it makes me mad. 

What will happen is all these home movie videos, slides and photos will magically appear the day after the thing airs.  You watch.

I tell you one thing…I would love to do what Justin does.  Justin has been the man behind those other, wonderful specials WNPT has put together in recent years

I’m a nut for documentaries anyway…on anything.  That series POV that airs on PBS is just fabulous.  Look for Calavera Highway.  When I tell you that is one of the best documentaries that’s ever been done, you must believe me.  That one and Lomax The Song Hunter are my favorite documentaries I’ve seen lately.

All my documentary watching of late (I’ve always dug em) has got me thinking I would so love to make a documentary on something.  I think I have all the junk required to be a Documenta-matrix.  If I had the first clue how to start something like that, I’d be all over it. 

Anyway…this whole thing started me saying how much I’ve dug the last three days being around my Special Happy Place “piddlin”.  And I’ve done shared a secret fantasy. 

Good grief…some of my kinfolks alone would be docu-fodder.  Maybe Ill get around to it.

For Your Visual Enjoyment…

Hello Darlins…

Been a nice Saturday ’round my house.  Nothing exceptional went on.  Have Saturdays always been this great and I just missed the memo?  Days like today I wish I could put in my purse and get them out, say, on a Tuesday and sprinkle them around.

I think finding this picture made today exceptionally exceptional though.

I found it over here at one of the best websites ever created.

Random Saturday-Ness

I thoroughly enjoyed having a house full of giggly girls at my house last night.  I’ve known most of them since they were little and the other two girls, Kelsey and Morgan, are just two of the sweetest kids around.  I’m glad the DQ has some good friends like them.
When the Manchild was younger, he loved that show Courage The Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network.  I remember one time he was watching it and he was saying “Mom, you have to see this” and I was all “Oh puh-leeeeaze” but I watched it anyway to humor my kid.  I ended up nearly wetting my pants laughing cause that is one funny show. (It was the one where the goose fell in love with Muriel). 

I hadn’t seen Courage in ages until today.  #2 was watching it and I swear, Courage and Eustis were just plain killin’ me.

I can’t profess the same affection for Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island.  That show makes me curse.

Ricky Gervais was on Letterman last night.  Ricky and the Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss remind me a ton of each other.  ‘Cept the GFKAMB isn’t British.  Ricky G. is a funny man.  The GFKAMB is also a funny man.  I’m not sure what it is but, yeah. (That phrase sounds like something the Drama Queen would say…but yaaah)

I for real thought that Gary Tuchman was gonna die live on television last night trying to show us just how powerful Hurricane Ike’s winds were.  I bet Anderson Cooper would be really pissed off if somebody else dies live on the air before he does.  I did think millions of people were gonna witness ol’ Gar’ getting his arse blowed to Glow-ry right there in front of our eyes though.

I texted Cuzzin Sharon in Houston to see if she had evacuated and she hadn’t.  She texted me early this morning and said that she had the windows open and she was reading a book and sorta enjoying the whole thing.  The funny thing is I remember when Hurricane Alicia hit Houston back in the early 80’s, Sharon telling of sitting on her back porch, reading a book.  I’ve never known Cuzzin Sharon to be without a book.

 I should start reading again. I used to read a lot but somewhere along the turn of the century, my ability to sit down and read a book went out the window.  I mean, I can still read but, I got to where I would skim through and not really read stuff.  Maybe I should try again.  Donna was talking about some Henry David Thoreau book yesterday that sounded interesting.  Note to self….two words Library Card.

I didn’t do nary a thing today and it was really nice to do nary a thing.  I did get a haircut but I didn’t get cullah put on so it didn’t take long. I didn’t feel like I had something I needed to be doing and there was something about that that was just a good feeling.  I haven’t felt that in years and years.

It ocurred to me while I was out and about a little bit ago that I’m now residing in the same area I resided in when I first married in 1989.  This area has grown a bit but there are still things here that were here then, like the Kroger I used to go to as a newlywed and the laundromat we used to to go to before we had a washer and dryer.  Something about that is a little ironic.  Started my grown up life in this little area and it’s like the second round of my grown-up life is beginning in the same spot.  Kinda bizarre.  Not really, but, it gives me pause.

That’s Strawwwwwwwww

You can’t get any better with Friday Fun than with Sesame Street

I was always bothered as a kid by the king losing his teeth in that clip.

Michael Rowed

I coulda cried for poor little Alicia Sacramone last night.  First, she fell off the balance beam when she mounted on the thing and then in the Floor Exercise, fell right smack dab on her hiney.  She held herself together so well though.  If that’d been me, I’d have burst into tears and run away.  Those girls did bring us a Silver medal for the US team though. 

I was amazed a couple of those gymnast girls actually have bosoms.  I didn’t think gymnasts were allowed to have those.  That’s good to see.

That Balance Beam thing…oncet upon a time, I used to turn flips and do gymnastics myself.  (shut up, I did too) You gotta remember those balance beams are something like 4 inches wide.  I think I may have mastered a cartwheel on the thing.  That little Shawn Johnson gal, makes it look like it’s as simple as hopscotch.

Michael Phelps is making everybody say “Mark Who?”

Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman was simply one of the best ever.

Goodbye Earle

So I’m a Celebrity Death Hag. Sue me.   Got a good one for ya today.

Earle Hagen.  Who is Earle Hagen you ask?  How bout this….He scored lots of music to movies, tv shows but praise the Lord he composed this little ditty and did the whistlin honors his own self.


 He also composed this theme song, which is one of my favorites..the theme and the show. Cep’ I like it better when Dick trips over the thing.



For real…I am so sad to hear that Jim Hager has died of a heart attack

How bizarre and sad. 

I am not quiet about my love of all things Hager.  ‘Specially when they’d get to jammin’ to Lodi and what-not, with one of them shaking that tambourine. (Which one was it?)

Really…this sucks to hear.