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Sun Shine On Me

I can’t help it.  Sunrises are one of my favorite things in the world.


And sunrises are great, too, when the light reflects on the wall…


All I Wanna Do…

The Crown episode of Friday? I was sorta a’feared that perhaps the poppage of the Crown had something to do with the warning the Dentist gave me about a year ago. He said then that #14 tooth needed to be “watched.” I asked him if it needed crowning or something and he said “Oh….it’s already been crowned” as he laughed an evil laugh. He then warned me that I had better make friends with Dental Floss, as my flossing habits weren’t exactly up to par.

So I made friends with Floss and I’ve become rather OCD about flossing. Obviously, my flossing skillz haven’t been enough to save good ol #14. Looks like another cruise through the Root Canal is in my future, but, obviously, that won’t be happening until Yours Truly is gainfully employed again with Dental coverage.

I knew as soon as I heard Gina, the dental hygienist who has been hygiening my teeth for many years now, gasp and saw her make faces that it wasn’t good. She asked if it was hurting me, which praise Jehovah, it isn’t. “Well, you’re lucky cause it’s bad.”

I’ve had a canal dug through the root before. I don’t remember it being a particularly painful experience. What stood out to me was before the procedure, I had gone to get this tooth crowned and the Dentist started drilling and I could feel it. He kept shooting me with novacaine and I kept fillin’ it. I literally left his dentist chair and went down the street to an Endodontist who did the honors. Ever since then, going to the dentist makes me nervous as a cat about the whole digging in my teeth thing but even more so about how much it’s going to cost. Even with dental insurance, I ended up having to finance the rest of the thing. Pissed me off.

So, I’ve got a Bum Tooth that I can’t do nothing about at the moment and as long as it nots hurting me or causing some sorta freaky infection in my person, it’s ok….I’m still looking for a job and this whole job looking thing is to the point that it’s just aggravating. I did have a good interview with an agency last week that I felt really good about.

I have decided that tomorrow I’m not going to think about this job thing. I have been obsessed with it now since December 5. Would anybody be offended if I didn’t think about it for 24 hours and just had, like, a fun day? Anybody here have an issue with that? Can I go tomorrow and just play? Like take a field trip or something?

I knew you wouldn’t mind. 

 So, this is the rule.  If I run into you tomorrow, do not ask me how the Job Search is going.  I’m going to have a Fun Day tomorrow cause I deserve it.  I’ll report back later on what I did with pictures.

First Post of 2009

Nothing too heavy this first morning of 2009…random randmoness for ya:

Job hunt update…I did have a phone interview yesterday. Phone interviews are awkward. They just are. I hope I didn’t sound like a dork.

I had Korean food yesterday at Yong’s in Hendersonville.  I’m not the expert on Korean cuisine but my friend Tara is.  She is a Hawaii native and lived in Los Angaleeez for many years.  You can get lots of Korean there. 

 When she moved here, she happened to find Yong’s on Walton Ferry Rd. in Hendersonville.  She took me there about a year ago and dadgum…good stuff.  She makes the food fresh right there on a stove.  Ride out there and get you some.

Me and Cherry were supposed to go do something last night but dang if that Cherry got sickly. Probably a good thing though cause like my mother is so fond of saying…”Lotta drunks out on New Year’s Eve”.  Heh.

Me and Cherry spent the better part of New Year’s Eve looking on the Tennessean website at State employees salaries. As a former State employee, it’s kinda mindblowing and upsetting that anybody can look and see what anybody that works for the State makes. Why is it then, Cherry and I couldn’t tear ourselves away from it? Kinda like when I discovered that you can look up property values and see what your friends paid for their houses.

For somebody as nosy as me, junk like that is like porn.

I’m waching Leave It To Beaver this New Year’s morning.  I’m cracking up at Wally and The Beav.  Beaver introduces his brother to Miss Landers and says “May I present my brother, Wally.  He’s a sophomore in high school and he took a bath and stuff.” 

Larry, Gilbert and Whitey climb up in a tree to watch Beaver and Miss Landers while she’s having dinner at the Cleaver home .  Larry says “Look!  She has toes!”  Whitey says “Where?”  Larry says “Coming out of her shoes!  I’ve never seen a teacher eat before.”   

Beaver’s friend Gilbert reminds me of my longtime friend Dean Smith when he was a little boy.  (Dean’s Daddy is that hunka hunka Carl Smith and his mama was that hottie Goldie Hill). 

The resemblance between my friend and Beaver’s friend caused me to Google Gilbert and I found this interesting article that Stephen Talbot (who played Dean’s look alike) wrote for  Go read it. 

And we all thought Gilbert was just second banana to the Beav.  Who knew he came THIS close to being tried for espionage?  That he spent his life trying to hide his television identity and has now come to embrace that part of his life. (What I like to call “The Goober Syndrome.”)  AND to my absolute TV Geekette delight, Gilbert produces one of my favorite shows on PBS,  Frontline.  (I dvr this regularly cause it comes on in the middle of the night, usually)Hard to comprehend that like the article says, Wally and Beaver are American Icons, yet, don’t have much of any sort of cut from Beaver.  Something about that is very wrong.

I lurve the internets!

Good In ‘Da ‘Hood

I love old church buildings.  I love this one on Gallatin Rd.

I haven’t seen one of these little fellers close up in years.

Holy Bubo Virginianus, Batman!

Remember the saga a few weeks back of the baby owl that got kicked out of the nest over there where I work?  Then the Waldens Puddle People came and put the little feller back and everybody was one, big, happy family?

A few of us at work have watched that tree every single day for sightings of Mama and babies.  Here lately, we’ve noticed that Mama hadn’t been around much.  I imagine she’s off hunting for food and stuff for her younguns and such.  Either that or the kids are driving her nuts and she just has to get out oncet in awhile to keep her sanity.   No wait. That’s me.

This is one of those things that makes me realize that I am becoming an older person because I like to watch birds.  I even talk to the things when they come to my birdfeeders.  Just call me “Barbara” why don’tcha? 

Now my Shishter’s mama, Pat, P-A-T Pat….she sings to the little birdies when they come up to her house.  I haven’t done that yet.  I just like birds.  Sue me.

Just about everyday, me, Co-workers Chris and Donna have updated the other on whether or not we’ve seen any action at the Fanciest Owl’s Nest in Tennessee.  We’ve been able to see little heads bobbing around some (they’re in a big ol’ tree). 

I don’t know how many times me and Chris have walked out there looking.  Just yesterday, Chris and I made our trek down the hill and he even had his binoculars. 

chris-birdwatching.jpg  He made the comment that our babies would soon be leaving and I said something brilliant like “Yeah…maybe they’ll write to us…visit” and Chris said “Send us Mother’s Day cards!”  Hee.  It has been fun.

Today, I think the Owl Babies decided they would be cooperative and pose for me.  Wanna see?  Twist my arm….ok. 

Aren’t they adorable????

Ok…I have to go catch up on my Matlock and Murder She Wrote episodes I’ve got on the dvr.  I keep waiting for a “Jessica and Ben Hook Up And Do The Wild Thang” before they both die.  You know…like the Scooby Doo Movies where they met up with Laurel and Hardy, Sonny & Cher, etc? 

 I keep waiting for them to air the Cass Elliott one.  The one in the “Haunted Candy scooby.jpgFactory.”  How mean that everything about Cass was associated with food??? 

Owls….Birdwatching…Cass Elliott….I think it’s safe to say my pill has done wo’ off today.  Whee. 

Here’s ya some info on owls


img_1032.jpgLast week, one day when it was really warm, Mrs. BAGLESS, one of my co-workers said “Come look at this.”  Look out the window and we see this ol’ gal enjoying her lunchtime.  I mean, she was into it…img_1034.jpg

I thought it was pretty brilliant to have the cab down and her comfy chair and just chillin’ at lunchtime.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Oscar Hairdos and Various and Sundry Other Nonsense

I am the last person on the earth qualified to speak about fashion.  I am well aware of this. 

I couldn’t help but notice Cameron Diaz presenting on the Oscars last night.  She is so adorable and had on this great dress, probably by some grand designer that cost in the thousands upon thousands…she looked like a goddess, except he hair…it looks like she just threw it on top of her head…”Oh, I’m going to the Oscars….I just don’t have time to fix my hair.”  What is the deal with that??? (I tried to find a picture but couldn’t)

Daniel Day Lewis…weird haircut and all…I think he is hawt.


Now, that little French gal that won Best Actress?  She was adorable.  ss-080224-oscarawards-08_widec.jpgShe reminds me of my friend Cherry, the photographer.  Cherry thought I had done gone crazy when I told her that this morning.  The girl can’t take a compliment. 

Cherry won runner-up in some sort of photography contest with a picture of the Holy Tara.  Isn’t that cool?  I’m not gonna tell the HT though.  She’ll want royalties or something.  This is the picture she won with..