If your dvr starts acting like it’s possessed by Satan, you can unplug it, plug it back in and it will work.

I forgot the Game Show Network shows “What’s My Line” and “I’ve Got A Secret” at like, 3 in the morning.    Bob Crane was on the WML I saw when I couldn’t sleep (again) with a young and quite pert and cute Phyllis Newman.  I love her.

Poor Bob Crane.  That’s one sad story there, friends.  This episode was from 1965  during the height of his success with Hogan’s Heroes.  He was one  good looking, charming sonuvagun.

Bob is the  perfect example of how life can spin scarily out of control and before you can say “Colonel Klink”, you can find yourself in a heap o’trouble.  (This is where I insert the “Mmm, mmm, mmm” just like my father used to do when telling a sad, unfortunate story).

Feelings are Time Travelers.  Did you know that?   I learnt that on the Oprah Show yesterday. Some very wise rabbi (not Schmooley) said so.  I think the Good Rabbi is dead on right there.  What would we do without Oprah?

I learned that just because I set my alarm for 6:30 on Saturday morning to get to #2’s basketball game, that does not mean I will hear said alarm the first time it goes off.  In fact, I just might not hear it til say, an hour later when #2 is supposed to arrive for game.

I learned that it’s not a good idea to forget #2’s earplugs when he goes to play basketball.

Heh, I say “Play” but he mostly ran up and down the court today trying to make some kid on the other team laugh. #2 just has the best time wherever he’s at.  The loss today was not quite as horrid as last week’s.  We actually scored 10 points to First Methodist’s 20 or something.  Gavin loves that, I’m sure.

Chad gave #2 some cotton balls to stuff his ears to help muffle the noise.  Part of Asperger’s is the extreme sensitivity to sound.   Sounds that may be a little annoying to  most of us, are literally, painful to #2.  Scoreboards and whistles are kindly loud.

I couldn’t help but laugh everytime I looked at my kid, cotton balls in ears his funny little run he does when he’s really bored and uninterested in the game (most of the time)….he made me think of Warren and his earmuffs.  (Somebody out there’s gonna say I’m awful.  I have to laugh about it so I don’t cry.  Some of us deal with stuff through humor. )warren.jpg

8:00 basketball games aren’t really so bad.  If you look at it like you can go get it over with and come back home and take a nap, like Yours Truly did.  It’s really o.k. It’s just getting there that’s the interesting part.

Cinnamon does not have any place in Hazelnut creamer, Tiger Mart People.  Sorry.  Since when did y’all quit having the regular, hazelnut?  I do like the creamer pumps you got going though.

Did you know that there was such a thing as Corn Nuggets?  As in a cousin to the Chicken Nugget?  The Drama Queen would not eat spaghetti tonight but wanted Corn Nuggets instead.  That’s, like, gross.

I had one of the most humiliating experiences this evening, that I think I’ve ever had.  It’s in the Top Three of Sista’s Worst Moments.  Then again, it may be just the kick I need.

(Someday, I may tell y’all my most horrific moment in my life that still, to this day, almost 20 years later makes me cringe and shiver and want to put a bag over my head.  Today’s not that day though.  It’s actually funny now but very embarrassing.)