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A Reminder


Note to Self:  Go to Centennial Park more often.


It’s even funner when you go to Centennial Park and meet new babies.


Foster’s first night was pretty good.  He wanted to play about 1:30 a.m, which he did.   He is doing SO good on the potty training thing.  I can tell when he has to go poopie because he starts running sideways.  Heh.  He cracks me up when he barks at his little hamburger chew toy thingie. 


Funny How…

Snow is so pretty when it falls and before it gets all driven on, yet, driven-on snow-that’s-turned-to-slush….isn’t.

Speaking of funny, OnDemand is running a great documentary on Bruce Vilanch.  It’s called “Get Bruce.” You should watch it. 

bruce-vilanch.jpgI need this t-shirt.

Meanwhile…At 4 A.M. At Sista’s House



Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!


It’s Snowing Out There In The Gloaming…

snowday.jpgThe view from the hill where I work…overlooking Scenic Inglewood.

Wish I had more leave. I’da stayed home with the whole fan damily today. The newspeople made it sound like the Blizzard of the Century…”DON’T leave home unless you HAVE to” they said…all a’twitter. 

I think it took me 15 minutes to get to work and I live in one of the “hard hit” counties. 

**Update…it got heavier later.  It was so pretty.



J Dub had to get out and make him a snowball.

Ice, Ice, Baby


Blizzard of 2008