If I lived as long as Barack Obama’s Grandma lived and then died the day before my grandson was elected President, I’d have to have a little talk with Jesus about that.

Speaking of the Election, Yo Sista is one of those 5% of voters who is not decided as for who I’m going to vote for tomorrow.  I said I didn’t know if I was even going to because of said quandry, but, Cherry said “You HAVE to vote!”

Is it responsible to go into the booth and close my eyes and point at a button?  I don’t think so.  What does one do when this happens?  Write myself in? 

 For real…what do ya do when this happens?  I’ve never had this happen before and I have voted in every Presidential election I’ve been eligible to vote in.

I’m getting lots of questions about my “Revelation.”  I don’t know if I can blog that or not.  My preacher reads this blog.  HAR.