I meant to say something about this earlier…Brother In Law Smiff is playing a solo gig down at the Station Inn to commemorate the release of his new cd Five Flat RocksI’m pretty pumped to see the BIL’s outfit perform.  Oh…the BIL’s name is Billy Smith.  He’s a fabulous songwriter, performer and all around dude.  The music commences at 9 o’clock.

Maybe he’ll tell the story of carrying Bill Monroe’s teeth to the dentist or one of his other tales.  He’s got some doozies.

Here’s a clip of the signature title as done by the Del McCoury Band.  I do think that of all the millions (ok not millions) of songs Billy has written, that this one is one of my favorites.  I believe it was co-written with my sister in law Marilyn and her former…never mind…it’s complicated.  Great song.  Come see Billy if you aint got nothing else going on.