Remember the saga a few weeks back of the baby owl that got kicked out of the nest over there where I work?  Then the Waldens Puddle People came and put the little feller back and everybody was one, big, happy family?

A few of us at work have watched that tree every single day for sightings of Mama and babies.  Here lately, we’ve noticed that Mama hadn’t been around much.  I imagine she’s off hunting for food and stuff for her younguns and such.  Either that or the kids are driving her nuts and she just has to get out oncet in awhile to keep her sanity.   No wait. That’s me.

This is one of those things that makes me realize that I am becoming an older person because I like to watch birds.  I even talk to the things when they come to my birdfeeders.  Just call me “Barbara” why don’tcha? 

Now my Shishter’s mama, Pat, P-A-T Pat….she sings to the little birdies when they come up to her house.  I haven’t done that yet.  I just like birds.  Sue me.

Just about everyday, me, Co-workers Chris and Donna have updated the other on whether or not we’ve seen any action at the Fanciest Owl’s Nest in Tennessee.  We’ve been able to see little heads bobbing around some (they’re in a big ol’ tree). 

I don’t know how many times me and Chris have walked out there looking.  Just yesterday, Chris and I made our trek down the hill and he even had his binoculars. 

chris-birdwatching.jpg  He made the comment that our babies would soon be leaving and I said something brilliant like “Yeah…maybe they’ll write to us…visit” and Chris said “Send us Mother’s Day cards!”  Hee.  It has been fun.

Today, I think the Owl Babies decided they would be cooperative and pose for me.  Wanna see?  Twist my arm….ok. 

Aren’t they adorable????

Ok…I have to go catch up on my Matlock and Murder She Wrote episodes I’ve got on the dvr.  I keep waiting for a “Jessica and Ben Hook Up And Do The Wild Thang” before they both die.  You know…like the Scooby Doo Movies where they met up with Laurel and Hardy, Sonny & Cher, etc? 

 I keep waiting for them to air the Cass Elliott one.  The one in the “Haunted Candy scooby.jpgFactory.”  How mean that everything about Cass was associated with food??? 

Owls….Birdwatching…Cass Elliott….I think it’s safe to say my pill has done wo’ off today.  Whee. 

Here’s ya some info on owls