It’s Friday and I’m taking a day offa work.  

 I got my haircut last night and it’s basically the same ‘do I’ve had, just more texturizing and layers and dangit, I like it. I tried to put a picksha on here of it, but, it didn’t want to post. I went to a different hair person (I’m funny that way. I’ve been to just about every hairdo person in Sumner County through the years. It’s kinda funny. My ADD goes to the beauty shop, too, I reckon)

I did get a call last night that the DQ had taken ill whilst at Camp. I was a little perturbed at my only daughter because she has not called me once while she’s been away. I’ve gotten a coupla texts from her but I guess it would be too cramping of her chic style to have anybody see her speak to her mother while she’s away. Now, I’m not the kinda mom that’s going to be calling every hour on the hour. That’s not my style. I am all about her having her little world and not intruding, however, when I get a call that my kid is in bed with a fever and she’s in another state and she doesn’t bother to call me? Eh. Sista don’t play ‘dat.

I find it interesting that she is trying to put off this image that she’s an independent gal that just sleeps at my house. I also find it interesting that she locked her door before she left as if I would be completely outsmarted and not figure out a way to get in there, if’n I wanted to. They think they came up with all these ideas…which is so funny. Like I thought my parents had no idea when I was her age and I was smoking in my room, blowing smoke out the screen. Gah.

Even with my miffed-ness at my kid (ever so slight…I do miss her) your Sista feels good today. I went to Zumba this morning and I swear y’all…I can flat do me some Samba and Hip Hop when it’s called fer. Yo Sista has got really good rythym for a white girl.

The Zumba teacher who taught the class this morning…she is something else. Her name is Deb and she also cut my hair last night. I’ve been to various Step and Kick Boxing classes she’s taught for gosh, about 12 years and didn’t know til not long ago she’s a Hairdo person. This woman has the flattest stomach on anybody over 40, with two kids I have ever seen.

Oh and I made me a To Do List. Tara O. really threw me some encouragement on that and has even checked in with me today to make sure I’m on it. I’ve done gotten some things checked offit, T. How bout that? Me and Tara’s going out to eat tonight. I love hanging with Tara. Everybody should have a friend like her.

Since I’m feeling so good, I’m gonna throw this song up here cause it always makes me feel good when I hear it. This here is Richard and Mimi Farina. Richard was killed, I think, in a motorcycle accident (that does not make me feel good but it does that he wrote this cool tune)  and his cute little wife is Joan Baez’s sister.

Something else about this clip that makes me happy is the dulcimer. Dulcimers make me happy to hear, too. I also love how Richard Farina invites the tv audience to sing along. In that spirit, I’m inviting you to sing along, too. And if you don’t feel like a smiley face when you’re done, then I can’t hep you none. 

Everybody sing…..