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In Which Your Sista Gets Out Of The House


Check out this fine looking bunch. would ya?  Mista Kloywnhuywda’s in the picture too but he didn’t want to be.   It’s kinda like playing “Where’s Waldo?”  He’s there.   I think he was the official roastee today.  Malia left just as I got there (was it something I said? Did I smell?) But I was glad to see her, even if for just a second.2352375345_01b2b77f34.jpg I haven’t seen these ho’s since Kate’s party last summer.  Actually, I think it’s been longer than that since I’d seen Kathy T.

I haven’t seen Ginger since about October, however, today was the second time in a week I’d seen her.  Hadn’t seen Lesley since Kate’s either.


I was pretty glad to escape enjoy some quality social time today.  My coach turned back into a pumpkin all too soon and it was back to the house to referee.

Livin’, Lovin’ & Losin’

I had just gotten over Co-Worker Dave leaving me for the Federal Government (it only took what, 4 months) and had finally stopped looking for him in his cube every snow-031.jpgmorning and then my girl, Cherry, drops a bomb (get it? a Cherry Bomb?) on me today that now SHE’S leaving me for Busy Mom’s workplace. Can you believe that?

I swanee to goodness. ..I think I have an issue and need a tissue.  I think this is why I’m a little skeered to get close to people and get overly fond of people cause they leave.  You keep a safe distance, then you don’t grieve when they go, right?

I have grown fond of a few people I’ve worked with through the years.  Only a handful of the folks I’ve worked with through the years have I been really fond of.

I do realize that’s not a healthy attitude to take and can lead to a lonely existence but I think somewhere in my psyche, that’s a fear I have and what led me down the path to Introvertedness, maybe.

I know I can still see her and all but it’s just different when they fly the coop.  I’ve seen Dave, what, two times since he left…a few emails….Old Co-Worker Patrick that I loved…do I evah hear from him?  Of course not…Even The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss (also a Dave)…has become a distant figure of my past.  My friend Brenda, that I used to work with….I haven’t seen her in ages and we live on the same side of town.

I do hear from my Shishter though.   I’ve seen her once in the last year but I hear from her nearly everyday.  That’s cause she’s my Shishter.

I’ll miss ol’ Cher’.  She’s wonderful to work next to.  Probably one of the most real people around.  Not a phony bone in her body.  Plus, she takes good pictures.