I do declare….so many people are counting down the days til Georgie (thats what his mama calls him ya know) leaves the White House. Pssht. Not me. Know why???

I don’t think Big O is gonna be near as entertaining as his predecessor. And what is Letterman going to put on in its place? I swear, I don’t miss Letterman these days because of Great Moments In Presidential Speeches.

And to all my Christian bretheren and sisteren….y’all just pipe down. It’s like this…my Dad’s given name was Hiram Abiff.  Now who would think a dude with the name of “Abiff” could make it work for him?  He used probably the nerdiest name ever and made it work for him. 

The whole “Obama’s Middle Name Is Hussein…It’s the End of the World” stuff?  He can use that to his and our advantage.  Relax.  As Christians we aren’t supposed to worry about stuff anyway. 

 Hate to tell you this but….Jesus loves people whose  names are Hussein too! 

Speaking of What Would Obama Do…I’m gonna call this now and y’all can mark the date I predicted it…November 11, 2008…I predict there will be a blonde that will surface, at some point during the administration….There’s a woman in the background somewhere and her name ain’t Michelle.

I think he’s gonna be just dandy as President but as swayve and deboner as he is…come on…Big O just looks like The Ladies Man.  I could care less myself and I don’t think it has a doodly-doo to do with nuthin.  I’m just sayin’ it cause I tend to be a little on the intuitive side. 

He even looks like The Ladies Man!