I just happened to stumble across this blog yesterday.  I made a mental note to look at it later so I did just that a few minutes ago whilst sipping my coffee, which happens to be Folgers. 

Funny, I came across this here picture of my dad dad-coffee-club.jpg on this way cool blog about Houston’s very colorful radio history.  I have never seen it.  Not surprising since it was from 1950 and I wasn’t born until 19 years later.  I love finding all these cool things on my dad that I’ve never known or seen.  He was quite the shiz in Houston radio. 

I had a guy email me in the last year or so how someone had told him of walking down a Houston street in the middle of the summer and because Houston in the summer is hotter than hades and these were the days before air conditioning, all the windows on the houses were open and this individual could hear Biff coming out of every single house as he walked down the street.  Now, whether or not that is true is another story, but, I sure like to think it is.

I never heard my dad on the air on his regular radio shows.  He stopped doing daily, on the air stuff when we moved here from Los Angeles when I was a baby.  I still don’t know why he didn’t do regular radio here.  I think it’s because when we came here, he did the very first syndicated radio show out of Nashville and maybe that was a step up or something? I don’t know.

Yet another question I wish I could ask my old man.  Dadgum, there’s sooo many things I wish I’d have asked him about.  I wish I’d have grilled him more about Elvis.  Notice how big Dad’s name is here?  He was a big deal in Houston.  This show right here was where elvis.jpgthe first, live recording of the Kang was done.  It says Dad was the “Master of Ceremonies”, which he was, but, he also booked the shows. 

Dad never really elaborated on his Elvis experience. Come to think of it, he really didn’t talk a lot about his friendship with Hank, Sr. either.  If you asked him, he would talk about it.  

   In fact, one of the things I remember him saying most about Hank was that it always got on his nerves when people always talked about how sad and miserable Hank was.  He may have been, but, Dad said people really didn’t mention the flip side and how much fun Hank was and how funny he was.  I think that bothered him that the sad part was so pounded into the legend.

Dad bought Hank the shirt he has on here. hankw-biffcollie.jpg

Pretty neat stuff.