I had another musical discovery thanks to Spinning

I’ve been hearing this little ditty a lot and dig it. (Yes, I know how tragically unhip I am and am usually late to parties.) Don’t go away though…this isn’t the Feel Good Friday entry. It’s a prelude, if you will.

I’ve been meaning to ask Terri, the Spinning Instructor, who that was and Monday, I forgot to ask.

So, I came home that night and was messing around on the Itunes and stumbled across this Ingrid Michaelson girl and found the Spinning song and was just looking through her stuff and oh. Mah. Gawsh. This song right here makes me cry. Not in a bad way kinda cry neither. More of a hopeful kinda, warm-fuzzy cry. There’s nothing really to look at here, just close your eyes and listen.  I love her phrasing. This is my Feel Good Friday.