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It’s True!

You could own this or two other sweaters that belong to Bill Cosby.

Marriage Counseling With Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy

I think this might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

What I Love Most On Television These Days

Have I mentioned how I adore Jimmy Kimmel?  I can’t think of anybody on television who makes me laugh more than Jimmy except maybe the crew from The Office and maybe the 30 Rock people.  I think Jimmy should take David Letterman’s spot when he retires.  Or Jay Leno’s.  Whoever hangs it up first.

This week, Jimmy is filling in for the vacationing Regis Philbin.  While doing the Regis and Kelly Show, Jimmy is also flying back and forth everyday to Los Angeles, taping his show and flying back to New York.  Crazy, yes.  If those stinking fires weren’t happening in California, I think this would’ve maybe gotten a little more press.  (They even pre-emptied Boston Legal last night, come to find out on my dvr tonight).  I fear Yimmy’s going to collapse in a heap just like Marie did the other night.  He wasn’t looking so good on the R & K show this morning.

Jimmy has a cast of hilariously funny sidekicks on his show…Guillermo (I crack up everytime he says “Yimmy.”) Veatrice is a trip, but, I think Jimmy’s Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy are one of the funniest comedy duos on tv these days.  Or maybe the funniest comedy duo that doesn’t mean to be a comedy duo.  How many old couples does everybody know like this? 

Hysterical. Uncle Frank looks EXACTLY like the dearly departed stepfather. The Late Stepfather was not as robust as Uncle Frank and had a midwestern accent that made me cringe everytime he called my mother “Chickadee.” :shudder: Uncle Frank is also an obsessive compulsive neatfreak like the Late Stepfather was. He would follow us around at Christmas, when we were unwrapping presents, with a trashbag. Drove me insane.