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Clingin’ To The Ollllld Rugged Cross

I looked out the back window today to find my youngest child playing.  That’s not unusual.  He’s quite imaginative, that #2.  It took me a minute to realize just what he was playing…

He took two planks of wood and made hisself a cross.  Pretending he was being crucified.  I was trying to take these pictures without him seeing.  At one point, me and Tyler thought he was gonna pull a Peter and go the upside down route. 

The HT wasn’t home when the crucifixion took place.  We were telling her about it and we were talking about how hysterical it was and how many kids do you know that would play something like that. 

Me and my sister used to play church all the time and baptized each other many a time every summer in the swimming pool. 
The HT said…”That’s, like….weird…..”    May be, but, we didn’t have cable, video games, computers, blah, blah…we walked to school in 10 feet of snow barefoot (no we didn’t) and back in those days, we played and actually, like, used our imaginations.  We were some playing kids.  Serious play. 

The Collie Sisters did play us some Church now.   We’d take turns preaching, singing, all that.  I’m sure our sermons were some sorta powerful. 

We also used to…on all those long, tedious trips to various antique malls, furniture stores (our mother loved to go to furniture stores, yet, I don’t remember there always being new furniture purchased.  We had the same couch from the time I was in Kindergarten until after I married and moved away.  I guess that was her diversion.)  Anyhoo…we’d go along to these furniture store trips and we’d act like we were foreign and like we spoke Spanish or something.  The funny part to me is we actually thought we were fooling people.  This woulda been about the time this fabulous picture was taken…back when we often were dressed alike….I mean, look at that face….is that a face of a kid who had imagination?

And what color is that Dad had on?  We was stylin’.

I was pretty glad #2 provided a little comic relief today.  It was needed. 


Random Saturday

I watched that movie “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock.  Hey now…that’s a big deal for me. I liked it.  I don’t know that I get it all.   The thing about the movie that left me going hmmmm was the fact that the dead/not dead husband’s name in the movie was Jim Henson.  Stuff like that makes me giggle. Do you think they did that on purpose?

This post here makes me laugh.  Why?  Cause one of the few “tricks” I could do in the swimming pool was I could swim like the Man From Atlantis.  Yes, yes…my uncovered talents are just never ending, aren’t they? 

The Sundance Channel just may be my one of my new favorite channels. Does anybody else love crap like documentaries on Lew Wasserman as much as I do?  They ran that reality show on Jay Bakker last night.  Dang…I love stuff like that. Sometimes I wish I had normal guilty pleasures like trashy romance novels, but, no…

If I had a clue how to make a documentary, I’d make one.  I love them. On anything. 

My eye muscle in my right eye has been jumping for three days.  It’s about to get on my nerves.  I haven’t had that in a long time.  What causes that?

One of my new favorite books of the Bible is officially Habakkuk.  Chapter one especially.  I know it’s not a new book or nothing and I’ve always known OF it but never got into it until I started doing this study of Priscilla Shirer’s

Zumba is the bomb.  My shimmy is getting better.  My Cha Cha is smokin’.  I didn’t realize I can kick it on the dance floor and you better believe I flat get with it in there.  Note to self: Go out and dance more. 

My kids fought like cats and dogs today.  I think they enjoy it.  They argue about their arguments.  I went in my room and closed the door at one point.  No wonder my parents used to pretend they didnt hear us.  Dadgum, that mess drives me crazy. Even the 16 year old Manchild will just hassle #2 and then denies it.  This is why he is the Man Child.

I have one hellatious hangnail on my right thumb.  It hurts like the dickens.  Throbs.  I hate them things.

Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!