The Smiff DVR has been fraught with good stuff of late.

I did finally get to see the great documentary on Bob Newhart on PBS that Newscoma told about. It is as good as she said it was.  Bob Newhart is one of my most favorite tv shows ever.

I recorded a wonderful documentary on Jerry Herman that I’ve probably watched 5 times.  He’s somebody I would so love to meet and pick his brain.

I watched not one, but, two movies with Geraldine Page last night.  I re-watched The Trip to Bountiful and for the first time saw Summer and Smoke. geraldine.jpg

Geraldine Page was probably the most incredible actress ever.  Or at the very least, in the top five. 

I rented a sequel to Grey Gardens called The Beales of Grey Gardens that had unseen archival footage.  I never tire of the Edie’s.  Never.

Today’s Man, which is a documentary about an adorable, wonderful guy named Nicky Gottlieb who has Asperger’s Syndrome. I see a number of similarities between he and #2.  I think, and hope, the outcome will be different for kids diagnosed with Asperger’s as young kids, as opposed to not getting a diagnosis until they’re grown.  I’m kinda inclined to think, totally as a layperson who is still learning about Asperger’s, that Nicky has something besides that.