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A Father’s Heart

Rick Burgess spoke at his son’s memorial service yesterday.  I heard part of it this morning.  Powerful stuff. Preach on, Bro. Rick. Seriously, I would not be surprised if this tragedy propels Rick into a more full-time ministry.

If you don’t “get” Christianity and why those of us who  believe, believe….just listen to a little bit of Rick. This is faith in action, right here. This is why we know it’s more than an Imaginary Friend. 

Prayers For Rick Burgess

I have been a huge fan of Rick and Bubba for years. I’ve “listened” as their families have grown kid by kid. I’ve laughed and related with them as they have shared their many parenting stories. I think that’s part of their appeal is their Regular Guy thing.

I used to email with both Rick and Bubba before they got to be so big. They seem like great guys. Both very devoted husbands and fathers…the Manchild really admires both of them.

I remember the morning that Rick announced they were expecting their 5th child. I am so heartbroken today to hear that that same baby, 2 year old Bronner Burgess, diedbronner-burgess-photo4.jpg after falling into the family’s swimming pool. I can’t imagine. Please pray for the Burgess’, Busseys and the whole Rick and Bubba Family.

The Fox affiliate in Birmingham has an interview with Bill “Bubba” Bussey here.