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I’m Singing…And I’m In My House…By Myself…and I’m SIIIIING-ING!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer…is singing loud for all to hear….

Since my neighbors seem to think I want to hear everything they do (from being woken yesterday morning to the sounds of them bathing their little children to last nights um….”Mommy and Daddy time”.  I can even hear them hanging clothes in the closet AND they take up three parking spaces!) I am going to sing very loudly today and I will sing this, with emphasis on the “Alleluias” and see if that don’t drive them crazy.

The piano player looks like the Freaky Weasel, doesn’t he?  Cept the FW is a….fitter.

My favorite version is still Emmylou (with help from Linda, Dolly and Neil Young) and the album of the same name is STILL one of my emmylouharrislightofthestable1

favorite albums of all time, in any style of music, any season.  If it’s not in your collection, it would behoove you to get it.

I do love me some Selah singing too though.

The Way To Wake Up

I have one of those alarm clocks that has a cd player in it.  I don’t always use the cd alarm to wake up and if I do, the Snooze is usually hit before much music plays.

Not this morning.

Apparently. the alarm had been playing awhile before I actually started to wake up.  Just as I was starting to stir, this is what came on.  I am crazy about some Hymns.  Probably one of my favorite things to listen to in the world.  It was just a good way to wake up on a Friday morning.

**This was the only You Tube video I found with the Selah version of How Great Thou Art. It has the Gaither Vocal Band singing “He Touched Me” after HGTA which I also looove.