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What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff?

The Princess of All Thangs Of A Dramatic Nature was watching some show on the tv.  I recognized one of the men on there from Doogie Howser.  I think he played Doogie’s dad.  Anyway, this show looked like one of those 7th Heaven kinda shows (don’t tell nobody this, but, I got sucked into that show back when the aformentioned Princess was into that. Sheesh) with the perfect looking teenaged girls that you want to slap, right? 

I only turned to look at this thing for about 15 seconds, long enough to see Doogie’s dad and the woman playing the mom.  I liked to have had a duck when it dawned on me who was playing the MOM.

Do what?  Why’s Molly Ringwald playing a mom of teenagers, for the love of Long Duck Dong?  I mean, she just had her 16th birthday and everybody forgot it and….wait.  That was 1984, which would make that 24 years ago. 

I was totally trying to figure out how could it be that Molly Ringwald could be even portraying a mother of teens on the teevee.  I looked Molly up on the Google and she’s almost exactly a year to the day older than me, so, that means she’s 40.  Whoa.

Then I remembered I have a kid who will be 17 in January and another who will be 15 in about 2 weeks.

On top of that, the last couple days, I have spewed forth more Mom -sounding rhetoric to my teens than I can remember doing all at once. I have sounded very much like a grownup. (Scary) I mean, I am a parent of teenagers.  I know I probably shoulda been hit with this reality, oh, about 4 years ago when the Manchild crossed that threshold, and I guess I did.  I think given some circumstances flying around, there’s been a lot more reality checks of late.

What’s even scarier to me is that the Manchild is just a little over a year away from being a legal adult.  That means he’ll be able to vote.  He’ll be able to buy cigarettes if he so chooses (I hope that he doesn’t), he’ll have to register for the Draft or whatever they call it.

This navel-gazing moment was brought to you courtesy of Molly Ringwald.  Thanks a heap, Molly.

I Am Mother, Hear Me Roar

Have I ever told y’all that #2 has migraines? He does. It’s one of those things where as a parent, you would rather be hit over the head with a hammer than watch your kid cry with pain like that. If I could pay money to have them instead of him, I would do it. Any parent would.
He’s had them for about 2 or 3 years. We didn’t realize they were migraines til about 6 months ago when the doctor diagnosed it as that.

Usually, he can get one and he’ll go to sleep for about 30 minutes or so, he wakes up and he’s fine. Sometimes he throws up, sometimes he doesn’t. The doc gave him a prescription for nausea stuff but even at 9 years old, #2 is all “I don’t want to take anything.” I think it might make him more sickly feeling to swallow anything.

He’s had one this afternoon. This was the first time I’d ever seen him want all the lights off, no sound, nothing. It lasted longer. I forget he’s approaching double digit age and as he grows, those will grow and change (hopefully go away eventually).

I’ve never had a migraine. I’ve worked with a ton of people who have had them. My sister used to have them (do you still get those? I haven’t heard you mention them in a long time).

I absolutely hate it when #2 has them. Hate. It.

Something else I hate? Having to be the Bad Guy with one of my teenagers. I have to say though, your Sista grew some testicles last night in the process. I miss the days when she liked me. The days when she’d say “Mommy…wanna howd you.” I’m trying to hold her now. I think she half wants me to still. Maybe that’s the deal with being a teenager and that half woman/half child thing.

The HT and had a big ol row last night when she spoke to me, using words and a tone in public that was highly inappropriate either in public or private. I know it’s the age. I know. Still, I have been remiss in allowing her to get away with it.

Interestingly enough, I hear her say things that used to come out of my mouth at my parents and now, I hear myself say things my father used to say to me…that causes a little shiver. I will add here that the intensity in which I said smartalecky things to my father was NOTHING like what she does.  Plus, my dad was from another generation.  A generation that wasn’t worried about putting the fear of the father (and I don’t mean the Lord) in you.

I wish I could get across to her that I am on her side. I’m for her.

Again, I say that parenting is not for the faint of heart or the lily-livered.