It’s that time of year again….one of my favorite things all year…Bible Skoo is back and I am oncet again the Official Picksha Lady.  (That’s what the kids usually call me so that’s what I put on my nametag) I don’t do the regular teacher thing at Bible Skoo cause I get bored being in one spot.  Thisaway, I can be all over the place and I dig that. 


#2 is doing Basketball this time. (Again)  He was doing a fair job in guarding Mr. Jeff.

While his sister (see her there in her glasses?) is helping with the Arts & Crafts portion of the show.

The lovely Kim (isn’t she purty?) Took me riding on the water cart to take pickshas and we decided we needed one of us. 

This right here though…was my favorite moment of the entire night.  The chick in the tye-dye? That’s my good girlfriend, Melissa.  Melissa would be the first to tell you she is not right.  However, she is really good at working with the Preschool aged bunch. 

She had the little chilluns in a line…walking down the hallway….snapping fingers…raising hands in the air and told the little cherubs they had “Hallelujah Hands”  and she WASN’T TRYING TO BE FUNNY.  Serious as a holy heart attack.  Nearly made me stop, drop and roll (and wish I had Depends on)

Oh and something else that happened, that was not documented…I did my annual cartwheel.  I can still do it!