Ben says I should blog again. I don’t even know that he’s read my blog, that was largely written before he ever came into my life.  He must have.

Thing is, I will sometimes want to pontificate about the Most Wonderful Man in the World but I’m sorta scared to. He is all about privacy. He doesn’t Facebook. I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it, huh?

What have I been  up to lately?

Well, I do have this most adorable little grandbaby who has turned me into a bumbling idiot, as grandbabies tend to do.

It hit me the other day why being a grandparent makes you so silly. 

Arlene Lurlene (not her real name. We call her something different all the time since her Grandpa Smiff first got her name wrong. Heh.) looks exactly like her mother did as an infant.  It’s sometimes frightening because I forget this is a totally different person.  That’s when I realized what makes grandparents so silly over their grandchildren is that you sort of get to relive your child’s infant-hood.  I think somewhere down deep is this idea that maybe…just maybe…you can get the things RIGHT you didn’t get right with their parents? I don’t know.

I DO know that this little 2 month old Darling is a joy. When she tries to “talk” to me, I melt. I love her so much.

Speaking of Mr. Wonderful… he is still wonderful. We have been together a year! It’s been a wild year indeed but I am so silly about him, I can’t put it into words. Not engaged yet nor are we Ring Shopping.  We aren’t in any hurry for that, although I’d like to think eventually we’ll go there. 

Mr. Wonderful makes me want to be a better person in every single part of my life whether it’s in the way I take the trash out or as a parent, he makes me want to be just plain better. 

This is how I know we are onto something great.