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A Confession

You know how when you go to the self pay check out at Kroger or Wal Mart and the voice says “Please insert change BEFORE inserting your bills?”

I always put the bills in first just to be rebellious.  It still works.  Why do they say do that?  Is it easier on the voice? 

A Small World Afterall

sharon-and-amy.jpgAll week long at Bible Skoo, I kept seeing this girl and I knew she looked familiar to me.  Because I have a freakish memory, everybody looks familiar to me.  Every night I’d see her and try to recollect where I would know her from.  I felt like I might’ve gone to school with her, but, I didn’t know.

So, the last night, I watched for her to come in and I said “Where did you go to school?”  She said “Brentwood High School.”  I knew it! We had some classes together but neither of us could remember what.  Amy (or is it Kim?)  said she had not been sure if she wanted to go to the upcomoing BHS reunion or not, but, after running into me, thought she might.  I think that kinda decided for me which reunion I need to go to, too. 

A note about the hair…people seem suprised when I say I have curly hair.  This here proves what happens to your Sista’s hair when it’s extremely humid.

Now That Was Random

Since I’m behind on blogging, I’m going to go completely random on you and present a thought I had this morning.  It’s such a bloggy thought, I thought.

When newspeople say things like “Do Rag” in relation to a story they’re telling, it absolutely makes me laugh like I have no sense.  Julie Kroenig said it this morning.  She’s just not the kinda gal that probably says “Do Rag” very often.

Also, when newspeople say things like “Feces” I become a 12 year old all over again.  That gets my inner Beavis and Butthead’s mojo working.

A Community Service?

I stopped by the post office in East Nashville today to send Vol State my stuff that proves I am cootie free and my GED transcript. (I find it funny that they call it a “transcript.”)  The Jere Baxter Station Post Office is like a throwback to about 1958.  It’s a cute little post office, as far as post offices go.  Most of the people I saw in there were older folks who have probably lived over there since God was a boy. (Ok, there was a Mexican sister in there with a dress on who has hairier legs than the Manchild.  Trust me…that’s hairy)

There was one thing that took away from the quaintness and Bedford Falls-ness of this cute, neighborhood post office.  The building is right next to the former home of Rick’s (Or is it Nick’s) Flicks.  Rick (or Nick) did not deal in the business of Disney movies.  No, Nick’s thing was more along the lines of “Snow White and the Seven Sailors.”

Nick/Rick may be gone from the neighborhood, however, this lovely reminder remains of what used to be…It blessed my heart.


Now, maybe I’m a little naive, but, is this perhaps an informative sign directing the girls where to do their thing on Gallatin Rd?  Is it a dance move?  Kinda like the Electric Slide?  The Two-Step?  Remember that song Tanya Tucker did about the “San Antonio Stroll?”  Something like that, maybe?  Anybody?


A little reminder that Mr. Smiff and Them will be at the Station Inn Saturday night.  The show starts at 9 ish, but, you want to get there earlier than that to get something to sit on and before they lock the door to obey fire laws.  I don’t know what the cover charge is, but, I bet the Station Inn’s website will say. 

I know a few of the bloggers are coming so come hang out with us if you don’t have nothing to do.  You’ll get to see Mr. Smiff’s new rather chic, rather mod hairdo, too.

Bible Skoo

I think this is the longest I’ve gone in between blog posts since I started blogging. 

I’ve been totally immersed in our church’s version of Vacation Bible School (from here on out, I shall refer to it by its proper term, “Bible SKOO.”)  We have had the best time every night.  As fun as it’s been, I’m quite glad we finished up tonight.  I think everybody was a little wrung out and over it.  Even so, I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids. 

I once again served as Photographer and I think I took in upwards of about 600 pictures.  I took them everyday and had some printed and made posters of each day and that went over really well.  It’s funny though how in doing something like that, I think I was blessed by it more than my photo subjects.  And praise Jehovah, I didn’t delete the pictures.  Maranatha!

I’ll post some of the fun pictures later, but, I have to tell you something funny #2 said at Bible Skoo yesterday. At Crosstraining, they have different sports and the kids pick the one they like and do that all week.  For the non-sporting type kids they have stuff like Arts and Crafts and Chess & Checkers.  #2 did the latter.  He had a fabulous time doing the games and stuff. 

Bible Skoo of 2007 is nothing like Bible Skoo that I went to as a kid.  Remember how you’d march in every morning and somebody would carry the American Flag, the Christian Flag and the Bible…then you’d pledge allegiance to all three (Attention…Salute…Pledge) then sing “Onward Christian Soldiers” and stuff like that?  Oh, oh, oh…and then when it was time to stand, the pianist would do a little stand up chime and then there was a sit down chime?   Then you’d make cool stuff and have cookies and juice in Dixie cups. 

 We didn’t do none of that.  They had pizza, hot dogs and there wasn’t no “Onward Christian Soldiers” nowhere around.  Instead, they sang a song about “Would Jesus Be A Soccer Star” and the Smiff favorite…”God’s Not Dead” (watch for video of this in the not so distant future.)

#2 asked Coach Mike last night if he could bring some cards and poker chips tomorrow.  When he told me that, I liked to have wet my pants.  He really could not understand what the big deal was and why could they not play poker at Bible Skoo?  I tried to explain to him that at a Baptist Bible Skoo, Holy Poker would probably not fly, although, I’d bet there would be quite a few people that would be willing to “Coach” Baptist Poker.  Maybe they should consider adding that as a Crosstraining activity next year.

I have other stuff to blog about that hopefully, I can catch up on this weekend.  Nobody lets me on the computer at night anymore!

Just Call Me Sophia…A Golden Girls Moment

I have been reminded more than once today just how tragically unhip I am.  I STILL don’t really know what Flugtag is, but, good grief, people have been talking like it was going to be the Second Coming of Elvis.  I thought “Surely this must be grand.  How sad that I’m so elderly and dull that I’m not in the middle of this.”

Then, I see this video and I’m scratching my head, sounding like my mother saying “That’s IT? That’s Flugtag?” 

A bit ago, me and the Smiff Boys ate and decided we needed frozen refreshment of the ice cream sort.  I wanted to go to Dairy Queen cause I wanted one of those Blizzards.  For some reason, I couldn’t think of what they’re called and I told the Manchild I wanted a “Blazer.”  He laughed at me for calling it that.

I think I had a cross between “blizzard” and “Brazier” in my head.  Remember when they used to call Dairy Queen’s “Brazier Stores?”  What the crap is a Brazier anyway?

So, we get up to the drive-up thing and the voice asked me what I wanted and I said (proudly) “I want a Butterfinger Blazer”, not realizing I had called it that.  I knew I had made a faux pas when the Manchild did his laugh he does when somebody does something stupid or somebody says the name of a body part…kinda like Beavis and Butthead.  “You said Blazer.”

Quick!  Call McKendree Manor and see if my room is ready!