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Some Advice This Halloween

A reminder…lots of bloggers are such big time dog people.  Keep chocolate way out of Poochie Poo’s reach, ya hear?  Take it from your Sista…if you don’t and Misses Pudelhund dips into the Kit Kats or Butterfingers, you will spend an ungodly amount of time at the Emergency Vet Clinic and more money than you care to spend. 

Our late little Chloe dog decided she needed her chocolate fix a couple days after Halloween 2003.  She must’ve eaten a bunch.  She puked here, there and everywhere and liked to have checked out then.  She spent the night at the Rivergate Pet Clinic after a nice, Charcoal Cocktail.  It was not pretty. 

Moral of the story…listen to your Auntie Sista.  Keep the chocolate treats away from the doggies.

Pumpkin Patch Pitchyas

As promised…here’s pictures from the First Annual Smiff Fall Family Fun Fest, By Gawd…You have to click on the pictures to see them good.  If somebody knows the Typepad secret to making pictures to where you can see them, let me know.

Two_old_goats Here in this photo, we have two, old goats. 

Trev_on_the_horsieThey had a tire swing in the shape of a horse.  Very cute.  #2 hates loud noises and he’s got his hands in his ears because the train/haywagon was coming by, with the whistle blowing.

#1 Son and the Attack of the Killer Gourds…He had a fit over the gourds in the pumpkin patch.   Tyler_and_the_killer_gourd

Trev_in_the_pumpkin_patchThe Pumpkin Patch was a little low on pumpkins, being it was the last weekend before Halloween, but, there were still plenty for us to pick over.

The Smiffs have their own version of Drama Llama.  Ask Kerry Woo. Look at the scenery in the background…isn’t it purty?        Drama_llama            

The driver of the hay wagon had a little helper along the way.Dog_on_the_tractor                

Tyler_in_the_maze    #1 Son made it through the Hay Maze before the rest of us and he laughed as  his mother tried to find her way through.

Hainted_house       The mini Hainted House was fun.

Dad_and_trev_on_the_wagonTara_in_the_guillotine               Tyler_terry_goats      Tara_and_pumpkins

Happy_halloween Happy Halloween!    (This was at the place I spent $21 on two pumpkins.  All the crap #2 is standing by is why the pumpkins were so expensive.  Remind me not to go back there next year.)

We Wish You A Merry Halloween and a Happy All Saints Day….

I had this weird urge to make pumpkin bread this morning.  I’m not into baking, but, it seemed appropriate on All Hallow’s Eve.  It’s good stuff and it makes the house smell like fall. I have an extra loaf if anybody wants it.

I got Halloween candy too.  I give out good stuff.  None of that cheapo crapola candy from Sista.  I give chocolate things because chocolate is important in life.  I have Reese’s Pieces, Nutrageous, this one bag had a bunch of different stuff in it like Butterfingers, Baby Ruth, Crunch, Whoppers, I got some Kissables…got a little bit of everything.

I was carving the Daughter’s pumpkin and my handy dandy saw broke.  I hope they have some more up at the Kroger cause I’m lost without my handy dandy saw.  I also got a piece of pumpkin or juice in my eye and it’s swelling up to look really lovely.  I could make that part of my costume, but, then I never dress up for Halloween. 

I’m still considering dressing like Little Edie, but, most in my neighborhood would have no idea who I was, plus, my daughter probably wouldn’t allow it.

I always think about my friend Kent on Halloween.  Kent was my first openly gay friend and he LOVED Halloween.  Every year when there would be a party, he’d dress up and not only would he dress up, he would become the character.  One year, he was Batman and he was totally in Batman character the whole night.  The next year, he was Robin and he became Robin the whole time.  Man, I miss him.

Blaming It All…On The Nights On Broadway

Whilst it’s fresh on my mind, I better blog about Broadway Meets Country.  Having two of my favorite kinds of music mixin’ and a’minglin was everything I wanted it to be.

Petah Gallagher…geez louise….he is some kinda p-u-rTEE. A great MC he is not, but, to have the priviledge to look at him with my own two eyes, in person and in good seats was a great way to spend a Monday night.  He shared co-hosting duties with Babsy Mandrell and really, I couldn’t figure out why they had hosts because they had a voice over the PA announce most of the acts. Maybe it was to make it more Broadway-ee.  Who knows.  Babsy looked great in her smart, blue suit.

There were some definite standouts of the evening and some that really made no impression at all.  Thing is, these Broadway people are extremely talented and I do admire the heck out of theater performers, but, in a setting like this, there were a couple of them who could not turn off that, for lack of a better word, Broadwayish "snap."  You know…the way they snap their head back and snap their fingers at the same time.  The two who were just too damn Broadwayish were Felicia Finley and Renee Elise Goldsberry.  Both girls have great, trained voices and are obvious pros. Still, they were annoying as hell to watch.

Felicia has the flattest stomach I’ve ever seen on anyone in person, dang her.  She sang Islands In The Stream with Clay Walker.  It was nice, but, as I said above, she’s too Broadway for her own good.  Now the Renee Elise girl, who is said to have been a regular on One Life To Live is absolutely gorgeous and has a great voice.  She did Heads Carolina, Tails California and it was about the most soul-less, whitest performance of the whole night (and she’s black!). 

Laura Bell Bundy totally wrecked (and not in a good way) Jackson with Raul Malo.  I bet he wanted to slap her.  Then, she turned around and tore up All Jacked Up.  I guess she kinda made up for ruining the other song.  ‘Tween you and me, I think she spent all her time practicing her Gretchen song. 

Ben Vereen…he did a bang up job on Wichita Lineman and even threw in a soft shoe. 

Not surprisingly, Raul Malo and Trisha Yearwood totally nailed their numbers…Raul did Bring Him Home from Les Miserables and Trisha did Somewhere from West Side Story.  Both of them are amazing vocalists.  Only thing is somebody apparently has never told Trisha that chubby girls like us have no bidness wearing sleeveless, backless dresses.  It just ain’t fittin’.  I guess when you’re Mrs. Garth Brooks and a millionaire-ess and all, you can do whatever you want.

There were two surprises on the country end…one was Broadway guy Brian d’Arcy James and Nashville Star winner Chris Young dueted on You’re Nothing Without Me from City of Angels. I think that Chris has done some showtunes before.  That was probably one of my favorite performances of the whole night and I was not expecting it to be.  And I just read that Brian is going to play Dr. Frankenstein in the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein!

The other surprise was a singer named Joanna Cotten who is signed with Warner Brothers.  I’ve never heard of her before but that girl TORE UP What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line.  Whoa nellie!

Another one of the Broadway singers I dug was Julia Morney. You can tell she’s sung with bands before and has sung a variety of music.  She was the most comfortable and soulful of the Broadway people…I thought.

Lee Ann Womack opened the show with Don’t Rain On My Parade and she started out good, but, then she forgot words and her timing seemed a little off….same with Joe Nichols, timing wise…he did Luck Be A Lady and vocally, it was good, but, timing was eh…his hair is beginning to look like Gene Simmons ‘do.

Oh yeah…The Grascals did River In The Rain from Big River and it was great.  Not much of a stretch for them, musically, but, it came off very good and the crowd dug them.

The cast of the touring production of The Lion King closed the show and I’ll be Mufasa’s Mama, but, I’ve got to go see that while it’s in town.  Good grief…Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.  I’ve never heard it done like that before….geez. 

Oh! Oh! Oh!  I met this man named Joe (couldn’t hear his last name) but according to Mr. Smiff, is a bigshot in Broadway production and was instrumental in getting the Broadway performers for this show.  He took up with the Grascals (as did Ben Vereen) and he was telling me how he is going to the opening night of Grey Gardens on Broadway this Thursday night and that Christine Ebersole (who I saw on The View this morning) is a good friend of his…funny, he was impressed that we knew Earl Scruggs and I was knocked out that he’s going to see the play based on my new favorite character, Little Edie.  Funny how it’s all in the perspective.

No Way?!

Mr. Smiff says Peter Gallagher is a little feller.  About Ben Vereen’s height…5’6 or 5’7.  I know lots of celebrities are short but dang…

Lordy, Lordy

I know more people who have turned 40 this year.  I’m so glad I’m not that old (yet).  I know my time is coming, but, I can probably count 20 people I know directly who have turned 40 in 2006.  1966 was a good year.

Potty  Another one we can add to the Fabulous and Forty list is my real life sister who, today, crosses that threshold from the 30’s into the 40’s.   

Yes, the one who used to convince me I had a booger on my face, when I didn’t,the one who convinced me I had buck Sondra_1teeth, the one who used to take great delight in sitting on me, the one who told me that the red pepper flakes at Lorenzo’s were bacon bits and gleefully encouraged me to take a big ol handful,the one who used to say "You think you sound like Marie Osmond", the one who made Mr. Smotherman, the 8th grade math teacher, hate me as soon as he found out I was her younger sister (she had a tendency to talk a little in class)… Togetherness

Maybe someday we’ll end up like these sisters. I like to think we’re more like these sisters, these or even these sisters. The reality is though we’re probably most  like these sisters.

I hope she can figure out a way to whoop it up and celebrate this big birthday milestone.  I think she’s graduated to a protein shake in her current journey so maybe they can put a candle in it.  I’m sure the Engineering Brother in Law will figure some keen way to usher in her 40’s that doesn’t involve food.  Ryans_2005

So…Sister…in honor of your 40th birthday, I will sing a little song, just for you.  Ahem:

Late one cold and stormy night I heard a dog a’barkin….(Hee hee…Me and Little Andy makes her cry.  I used to torment her with it.

Ready For His Closeup


Some shots of #2’s on-camera debut. He was quite at home in front of the camera.  He hasn’t been too demanding thus far with his new status as a "celebrity."  He still plays with Transformers and watches Ed, Edd and Eddy. The show airs on November 19 on CMT.


Here’s #2 getting ready for his closeup with Trevor_grandma_shane_1Grandma and producer Shane Caldwell.      

Dad and some of the Grascals made an appearance on the show, too.  Here’s Mr. Smiff, Terry Eldredge, honorary Grascal for the moment, brother in law Smiff, aka Billy, Jamie Johnson and Dave Talbot.    Grascals_on_southern_fried_flicks_1 (I don’t know how to make the pictures bigger on here.  Click on them and you can see them real good)