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By George

Mr. Smiff and Terry Eldredge are going to be visiting with Traci Todd on George The Bluegrass Show on WRVU. You can listen online or the old fashioned way by tuning into 91.1 FM.

Yoga + Sista = Wrongness

This is why I don’t do Yoga. Sure’s I’m a Sista, that is what would happen to me if I were to ever go to a yoga class.

M is for the many things my mother gave me. Besides the square, flat butt and no visible waist line (Mr. Smiff once tried to convince me I had the same sort of build, pre-children, as a young Esther Williams. HA! Liar.) unexpected explosions fall under the catgegory of Stuff I Inherited From The Sullivan Clan That I Wish I Wouldn’t Have…along with low self esteem, allergies, thick eyebrows and short legs.

Yet, I smile anyway.